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If we look at the competition in the furniture industry, it has reached it’s peak. Now the 3D Furniture Modeling Services of this industry not only have to deal with direct competition from their competitors but have to deal with indirect competition as well. With the increasing number of Chinese manufacturers entering the market with their drop down prices, the manufacturers find it hard to battle it out on the price range front.​​

Which is why, in order to keep competitive, the firms need to sale more items, so the marketing and advertising budgets get increased every year. But, a lot of time it happens that even when the money spent for advertising is at it’s peak, the products just do not sell as much as required. It also happens that with all the R&D, you are able to create a successful product, but only few colors. urs or designs are popular. And unfortunately, you are bound to see a chinese knock off in the market at a much less price within a few months.

There are various points that you may need to consider in order to be sure of why the furniture industry needs 3D Product Rendering Company, some of these points are:

  • Using the product renders in your advertisements and marketing campaign. Once the renders are ready, you can start marketing the line with prebooking options. So, when you start producing, you would have an idea as to what level of inventory you should be keeping and what demand you can expect.

  • The product rendering can be done in any background. So, in order to meet all your needs, you can have the same product rendered in plain background or in the interior setting. So, no matter where you want your product image placed, you can just add it. So the costs to hire a photographer would be zero.

  • By using 3D rendering Services, when you place the product on your website, your clients would be able to visualize exactly how it would look.

  • Since the renders are editable, any change in the designs can be incorporated in a faster and cheaper way.

  • Along with the marketing, product rendering is also important for the manufacturing process. All the manufacturers need to do is replicate the picture, the chances of miscommunication almost disappears.

  • Since the size of the renders are small, the manufacturers are able to send them as virtual samples and gain clients from across the world. Thus increasing the overall sales and profitability.

So, in order to lower the overall costs, most of the furniture industry hires outsourcing firms to create product renders for their designs. The designs thus created would be photo realistic and can be added to the catalogue even when the product has not finished being manufactured.

When having your product rendered, your products not only get marketed, but you can also conduct research on its success or failure and then manufacture accordingly. So, instead of manufacturing thousands of products and filling up your inventories and choking your cash flow and increase your bottlenecks, you can wait until the preorders come in and then estimate a more realistic sales figure and start manufacturing, this decreasing wastage and increasing profitability. So, in order to give your business an overall uplift, Contact US an Outsourcing 3D Rendering Service Provider partner today .

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