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A complete Guide on 3D Rendering Prices and tips on How to Save Money on Visualization

Occasionally, we receive emails or messages through social media platforms from potential clients who inquire about our 3D Rendering Prices list. We recommend contacting our sales manager to determine the estimated project cost in either dollars or euros.

If you have never utilized 3D Rendering Services in the past, it is likely that you are unaware of the lack of standardization in the outsourced architectural visualization market. The final expense of a project is influenced by numerous factors.

3D Rendering Prices

Within this article, you will gain insight into the factors that impact the cost of 3D architectural rendering. Additionally, you will discover the price range for various types of services such as exterior, interior, product, floor plans, and animation. Furthermore, you will learn strategies to optimize expenses while upholding the utmost quality of renderings.

Factors that impact the 3D Rendering Prices can be categorized as follows:

1. Task completion time: The time taken to complete the rendering project affects the overall cost. More complex projects or those with intricate details may require additional time, resulting in higher costs.

2. Level of complexity and project type: The complexity and type of the project, whether it is an exterior, interior, product, or animation, play a significant role in determining the cost. Projects with higher complexity levels generally require more resources and expertise, leading to increased costs.

3. Number of iterations: The number of iterations needed to achieve the desired result also affects the overall cost. Projects that require multiple revisions or adjustments may incur additional expenses.

4. Scale of the model: The size and scale of the 3D model impact the cost. Larger models may require more computational power and resources, resulting in higher expenses.

5. Level of detail: The level of detail in terms of materials, textures, lighting, and atmosphere influences the 3D Rendering Prices. Projects that demand intricate details and realistic effects may require more time and resources, thereby increasing the overall cost.

6. Number of images: The quantity of images required for the project can impact the cost. More images may require additional rendering time and resources, leading to higher expenses.

7. Availability of client's model and initial data volume: The availability of a client's model and the volume of initial data provided can affect the cost. If the client provides a complete and detailed model, it can reduce the time and effort required, resulting in lower costs.

Considering these factors in detail helps in understanding the various aspects that contribute to the overall cost of 3D rendering projects.

What Factors Determine 3D Rendering Price Levels?

Typically, artists from Lead USA 3D Rendering and Visualization Studio charge an hourly rate. The amount of work and additional edits can extend the time needed to complete the task, consequently increasing the rendering cost.

After the artist has made adjustments to the scene, they proceed to render the image. The duration of this stage varies depending on factors such as the quality of work, texture resolution, and the number of objects and details in the scene. This process can range from a few minutes to several hours. To expedite the processing time, professional studios utilize a render farm system, which incurs additional charges.

The project's turnaround time also impacts the final cost of the images. In instances where the client requires the project urgently, the production team may need to work overtime to meet the deadline. Consequently, the price in such cases will be higher than the standard rate.

LOW COMPLEXITY : The most affordable 3D interior rendering cost is applicable to compact rooms or spaces that have a limited number of objects. This is particularly true for areas such as bathrooms, simple bedrooms, corridors, and utility rooms.

When it comes to exteriors, the lowest prices for 3D rendering are typically associated with villas or simple close-up shots of facades.

MEDIUM COMPLEXITY : In terms of interior visualization, medium complexity encompasses kitchens, living rooms, complex bedrooms, and straightforward lobbies.

As for the cost of 3D exterior rendering, this usually applies to medium-sized residential complexes, small business centers, or apartment buildings.

HIGH COMPLEXITY : High complexity projects involve large-scale designs with intricate interior solutions, such as spas, spacious lobbies, and public spaces. The scale of the project also influences the architecture. Highly complex exterior images often depict aerial views with highly detailed surroundings, large residential or commercial complexes, entire neighborhoods, and towering skyscrapers, among others.

How to Determine Prices Differences Among Various 3D Rendering Types?

Factors such as quality, volume, and complexity of the work play a significant role in determining the cost. Additionally, the expertise of the studio, the skills of its artists, its reputation, and its client portfolio all contribute to the pricing structure. For instance, a newly established 3D rendering studio may offer lower prices compared to a well-established company with a prestigious client base. On average, the cost for a single image can range from $300USD to $700USD per Images of Visualization and Rendering. Our analysis of various CGI studios has allowed us to compile a comprehensive table outlining the price range for each type of 3D rendering service.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the cost of 3D visualization is influenced by various factors, including the expertise of the artists and the specific content of the images. As a result, each project has its own unique cost for 3D rendering services, and the final prices may differ even for two interior projects. To accommodate this, 3D visualization studios do not have fixed price lists. Instead, they encourage you to Get in touch with US to evaluate the scope of work and the desired quality of renderings for your individual project.

Our team is prepared to assess your project and offer comprehensive 3D architectural and design rendering services. You can reach us via email at info@jsengineering.org or by submitting a request through the designated form on our website.



A1 : The deliverables are submitted in HD resolution. If higher sized deliverables are needed, it shall be charged additionally.


A2 : On average, the cost for a single image can range from $300USD to $700USD per Images of Visualization and Rendering. 3D Interior Rendering Starting From $300/par view 3-4 Business days delivery and 3D Exterior Rendering Starting From $350/par view 3-6 Business days delivery. and 3D Walkthrough Animation starting $45 to $50/per second Onwards.


A3 : We recommend issuing high-quality structured technical specifications. The more explicit and structured the client’s requests are, the better the client understands what they need, and the faster and better the studio achieves the required result. This way, you can reduce sessions and save money.


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